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About Me

I am an Empowerment Coach, Speaker, and Author. I inspire, encourage, and motivate women to change their perception of self and limitations. I am focused on self-care, self-love, creating a positive mind-set and a vision so you can be the best version of you.

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Perceptive Analysis

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My Story

I am an Army veteran and a Registered Nurse focused on Women’s health and well being. I have been fortunate enough to play a key role in thousands of women’s lives helping to change their lives for the better. I am dedicated to supporting and empowering women to improve and take control of their lives. 

I am the Girlfriend's Girlfriend here to help give a positive perception on self and remove a self-limiting mind-set. I focus on self-care, self-love, creating a vision and goals so one can achieve their personal best.


I have faced and overcome many challenges to now living my best life. Perceptive Living will help you be the best version of you. I have a simple 3 step process to help you create the life you deserve. Join me on the journey to your best life!

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